Of The Diverse Exhibition Opening Night

Of The Diverse Exhibition Logo designed by Escher and Tamara
Photo Credit: Karina Kusumadarma

On the 8th November we had the opening night of our NMIT level 6 end of year exhibition at the Refinery Art Space.

It was an amazing night, with over 150 people attending, and 22 of my classmates exhibiting a hugely diverse range of artworks.

The exhibition was run by our class, with teams all responsible for different aspects of the planning and execution of the event. I was part of the curatorial team, along with Ruby Bathan and Elaine Ang, who worked alongside Ann Braunsteiner from the Refinery, planned out the gallery space and where all the works would be placed. This was an amazing opportunity and experience, and something that I love doing.

In the lead up to the exhibition Ruby Bathan and I also did a radio interview on Fresh FM about the exhibition.

All these photos from the night were taken by our talented class member Karina Kusumadarma.

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