Latest NMIT Project – ’29’

I have just finished a 14 week project for my Bachelor of Arts and Media course I am doing at NMIT (2nd year, level 6), we were given a pretty open brief, just needing to explore a topic that fell under the heading of communication and looking at either identity, narrative or politics.

I chose to look at the Pike River disaster and combined my two main focus’s of illustration and graphic design. I have a personal connection with this topic as my parents were living across the river from the mine at the time of the explosion and while we didn’t know any of the 29 personally, they were part of the community at this time.

I haven’t done any political art before and the serious nature of this was a challenge, but something I did enjoy and felt strongly about. Illustrations for magazine articles is something I would love to pursue.

My final work was presented as a Magazine Editor/Creative Directors desk showing several proofs ready for final printing as fictional magazine covers and editorial spreads.

This is my contextual statement to explain the work:

On the 19th November 2010 Pike River Coal Mine on the West Coast of New Zealand exploded, killing 29 miners.

Since then, documentaries, books and articles with headings such as “Miners doomed by fatal flaws” have continued to tell the story of one of New Zealand’s worst mine disasters. And the difference with this disaster is that the answers aren’t known, the full truth hasn’t come out and what has been revealed hints at a darker story.

This work is my response to how things stand six and half years later, and how the story may continue.

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